Tom Lynch 

Mark Giampietro

Eric Fowler

Joe Pizzolato

TOM LYNCH :::::::::photographer

Tom focuses on the NJ coastal region for his photographic subjects, which include sport fishing, wildlife, waves, landscapes + seascapes.  His prints are available in custom sizes up to 100 inches, on alumnum, canvas and photo paper.  You can see Tom's image library here:

Tom specializes in shooting action at its' apex moment, be it a jumping shark or a crashing wave.  He also likes to step back and capture the entirety of a situation.   

Tom is one of the most heavily published outdoor photographers in the Northeast USA.   Tom has shot scores of magaine & book covers. His credits include Sport Fishing, Angler's Journal, On The Water Magazine, Pop Fleyes, Chesapeake Bay Magazine, The Fisherman, Fly Fisherman, Fly Tyer, Monmouth Magazine, American Angler, Echos, Living LBI, NY Daily News, Asbury Park Press, Fios National.  His imagery has been used by Ambercrombie & Fitch, Mattel, Hawaiian Airlines, Orvis, Stackpole Books, Guy Cotten, Bimini Bay Outfitters, Tsunami Fishing, Okuma, Shimano, Stormr, and ATT.   Tom's surf imagery is housed in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Permanent Collection, in the multi-media installation:  Navigating the Void/Melinda Morey.  

Tom lives in Ocean County, NJ.  

Tom is always looking for new ways to see things... 

​   MARK GIAMPIETRO ::::::::::::: paint+ sculpture 

Mark’s passion for art began early and he was drawing and painting at a young age. While working in the animal field he began to design and construct naturalistic animal exhibits. His science background coupled with an innate artistic talent eventually led him into the world of exhibit sculpture and murals.

     Mark’s work can now be seen in museums, zoos, nature centers, businesses and private homes throughout the United States and Europe, including The Bronx, San Diego, and Miami Zoos, The Natural History Museum of Crete, The Museum of Living Art in Fort Worth, Texas, The Nauticus Maritime Museum in Norfolk, Virginia, and most recently the new Little Blue Penguin habitat at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey.

MATT RUMMLER :::::::::gyotaku fish printing​

Matt creates Gyotaku (gyo=fish, tacu =impression) which is an ancient art form using fresh caught fish to create one of a kind prints on canvas.  Matt has combined his passion for art and fishing to produce this medium from our local Jersey shore fish species.  
Matt is a graduate of both Chowan College and University of Arizona where he studied Commercial Art, Fine Art and Art History. He lives in Middletown NJ with his wife and two children and claims while he is an artist, his wife is a better fisherman.



With a life spent in art, Gregg Hinlicky's paintings and illustrations have appeared in exhibitions, in print on book covers & interiors, CD/album covers, magazine illustrations, billboards, murals, posters, postage stamps, greeting cards, package design, comic books, menus, on tv, in children's books and in many private collections.

Angry FIsh Gallery has a number of Gregg's unique, coastal themed, paintings on distressed wood.  These ultra-laid back works are awesomley cool.  

 Gregg's one wish would be that he would be discovered by a considerate and generous patron, who would be willing to financially support him in his art projects and finally afford him that dream hut on a tropical beach. 

Jim Schmoyer ::::::: Paint 

Most of Jim's work is done on location, where he lets the location affect his work, both figuratively and literally.  He will often infuse sand or dirt from the location into his paint mixture.   When one touches his paintings, these location elements will be very apparent.   He attended Tyler School of Art.  Jim says "The beach is, of course, one of my favorite spots. Being in the climate, smelling the air and watching the sun change location all contribute to the end result. I'm not really trying to create a realistic representation of what I see. I'm more interested in creating something that captures the time spent and my sensory experiences in this environment."

ERIC FOWLER  ::::::: Paint 
Eric's oil paintings of Ocean and Monmouth County, NJ  are truly "core-shore".  His works evoke memories of homes and shops we've all seen during the years... 

Painter, Illustrator and Educator
Museum of American Illustration, Collections Manager
Fine Arts Department, Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, Lancaster, PA, Past Chairman
Member of the Museum Council of New York

Joe is a Jersey shore based sculptor who specializes in creating incredible reporductions of marine life utilizing hammered copper.   His unique pieces are handcrafted and come in a variety of finishes.  Many factors impact the final color achieved including the temperature of the copper and the weather on the day the copper is being treated.  Combining flame painting, copper patina and natural copper finishes adds a unique element of design and offers up limitless possibilities!

Matt Rummler


Yvonne creates wonderful abstract coastal paintings that have a palpable depth to them.  She works in acrylics and heavy stock papers.


currently exhibiting

A wide array of Tom Lynch's photography is available at the galllery.  Subjects include: 

Seascapes, Sharks, Striped Bass, Sea Treasures, Beach Foxes, Storms, Coastal Abstracts,

In-Water Photography, Waves and many others...

JEFF LAWTON :::::::::::::::::: inks
Jeff Lawton draws intricate coastal subjects with an array of colored inks.  His unique style harkens back to the psychedelic heyday of the 1960's.   Cool stuff.   

CJ DAVITT ::::::::::pencil drawings

CJ creates amazingly cool, extremely detailed pencil drawings of sea life and the ocean.   His subjects include waves, tuna and various  sealife.